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Drain Cleaning

A slow-moving or clogged drain can be frustrating, you’ll be happy to learn that drain cleaning is common and often easy to fix and prevent.  At Starr, we have the expertise and specialized equipment needed to provide high-quality drain cleaning.  We take pride in our precise, efficient, and eco-friendly cleaning methods using high-pressure water to clear and clean pipes.

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Drain Clogs and Slow Drainage

A slow drain has the potential to become a clog and cause water damage with little warning.  Clogs can be caused by many different issues; some develop slowly over time while others happen quickly.

As water passes through your lines, minerals build up on the interior of pipes making them rough and scaly.  Scale buildup in lines creates an environment that catches grease and debris causing slow drainage and clogs.  Your kitchen may become clogged with debris such as food and grease, while in the bathrooms it may be hair and soap. Other causes of clogs include butter, margarine, animal fats, tree roots, and poor bathroom waste management. Improper use of garbage disposals is another factor leading to clogs.

Drain Line Cleaning

Evaluating a Drain Clog

Prior to drain cleaning your system, our master plumbers will identify issues by performing a video inspection.  A camera is run through your lines to provide insight into the best solution.  We believe in educating our customers and helping them understand their home’s drain line conditions. 

The purpose of an evaluation is to determine if lines are in good standing and functioning as intended. Using cameras, hydro testing, and elevation measuring equipment, we will locate and evaluate compromises.  Throughout the evaluation process, you will be provided with clear communication, and any concerns, and questions you have will be answered.

As part of our commitment we will provide a clear and detailed report within 24 hours. The report will include images of damage, video, test results, diagram, foundation elevations, and a repair proposal.  Once you have had time to review the report, we will set up a meeting to discuss our findings and the repair plan, as well as answer any questions you have.

Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning services are crucial to get water flowing and keeping your plumbing system running smoothly.  One of the most effective ways to prevent expensive damage to your home is to inspect and clean lines regularly, for residential homes, this might be every 3-4 years.

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