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Drain repair and replacement

At Starr, our master plumbers have proprietary knowledge repairing and replacing drains. Regardless of how small or large a compromise may be, our technicians have the training, tools, and technology necessary to locate, diagnose and repair plumbing issues in a timely manner.  Our commitment to you is to answer or return your call quickly, arrive as scheduled, and treat your time and your home with respect.

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What is Drain Repair

The term drain line refers to wastewater lines under your foundation, specifically, under a home’s facilities such as bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen. Drain repair is common because of damage caused by highly expansive soil and the deterioration of a home’s cast-iron pipes. When you need drain line repair, it is important to contact a company specializing in wastewater systems.

The need for drain repair is often due to aging cast-iron lines or shifting soil. The most common damage to lines includes cracked pipes, bellies, and backfall.  The first step in drain line repair starts with excavation, and when it comes to drain lines beneath your home, this means tunneling. When excavating, we make every attempt to contain the worksite limiting the affected area.  

Once the excavation is completed, wastewater lines will be installed following the  International Plumbing Code guidelines.  At Starr, our master plumbers and technicians provide quality repair in a timely manner using the highest-grade materials available. Starr will work diligently to provide you with a cost-effective quality wastewater repair designed for efficiency and longevity.  Throughout the repair process, you will be provided with clear communication, and any concerns or questions you have will be answered.

Drain Excavation and Backfill

We strive to make excavation as contained as possible to limit dust, mud, and damage to landscaping. The soil will be placed close to our workspace with tarps under and over the piles for containment.  Following excavation, your old line will be removed. 

Our goal is to get your utilities up and running again. Starr is committed to more than fixing your plumbing needs!

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