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Sewer Cleaning

At Starr, we have the expertise and specialized equipment needed to provide high-quality sewer cleaning.

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Sewer Cleaning

Our commitment to you is to always be on time, friendly and helpful. We take pride in our precise, efficient, and eco-friendly cleaning methods.  Instead of using damaging chemicals and cleaners, our methods use high-pressure water to clear and clean pipes in your home or business.  A slow-moving or clogged line might be frustrating, but you’ll be happy to learn that sewer cleaning is common and often easy to fix and prevent.

Clogs and Slow Drainage

As rainwater filters through our soil and limestone, it absorbs minerals creating “hard water”.  As the water passes through your lines, minerals build up on the interior of the pipes making them rough and scaly.  Scale buildup in the lines creates an environment that catches debris causing slow drainage and clogs.

In addition to minerals, cooking products contribute to clogs by solidifying in the rough scale buildup.  These products include grease, butter, margarine, and animal fats. The regular and improper use of garbage disposal to grind and dispose of food debris is another leading cause of clogs. Other products causing clogs include tree roots, hair, soaps, and poor bathroom waste management


Prior to cleaning your system, our master plumbers will pinpoint the blockage by performing a video inspection.  A camera is run through your lines to provide insight into the best solution and you can see the video in real-time. Once the evaluation has been completed, our master plumber will explain the best options to resolve any issues found.

Preventative Measures

Depending on usage, it is a good idea to schedule routine hydro jetting every 3-4 years. Sewer cleaning by hydro jetting can save you money in the long run.  If you periodically hydro jet your lines, you can mitigate scale buildup, major clogs, and flooding that could require expensive future interior repairs.

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