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Enfield, TEXAS

Sewer & Drain line repair in Enfield

Starr specializes in sewer & drain repair and cleaning in the Enfield neighbor hood and the surrounding Areas.

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Starr specializes in sewer & drain repair and cleaning in Enfield and the surrounding Areas.

When you need sewer and drain repair in Enfield it is best to call a specialist.  Sewer and drain repair is a specialized field within the plumbing industry.  As a homeowner, it is important to hire a company with the certifications and proprietary knowledge uniquely associated with sewer and drain replacement.  At Starr, in addition to being licensed and insured, our Master Plumbers and technicians are specifically trained in sewer and drain replacement and most importantly, due to the confined space they work in, they are OSHA certified.

Whether you are seeking a sewer & drain cleaning or a replacement, we will treat your time and your home with respect.  Our commitment to you is to quickly answer your call, arrive on time, and accurately evaluate your lines with fiberoptic cameras and specialized testing.  During your evaluation, you will have an opportunity to watch the camera video in “real time”.


The neighborhood of Enfield was created by the descendants of the Marshall and Pease families. The Enfield neighborhood is an architecturally planned subdivision, designed and sold in sections over a period beginning in 1915.

The 365-acre land holdings of the Marshall and Pease families centered on one stately Mansion designed by Austin’s “master builder” Abner Cook.  The Mansion was called “Woodlawn” which once served as the Governor’s Mansion and still stands today.  At the time of the homes purchase from James B. Shaw (the States Comptroller) in 1859, the home was beyond the Austin city limits. However, the family did not live in isolation at Woodlawn. Roads between Woodlawn and Austin to the east were developed.

The elder two Pease children, Carrie and Julie, grew up at Woodlawn. Carrie married George Graham. She died, leaving Julie to rear her children, Richard Niles and Carrie Margaret, at Woodlawn. By 1915, the family began developing part of the Pease Estate into the Enfield subdivision. Business partners were Niles Graham, Margaret G. Crusemann, Murray Graham (Niles and Margaret’s cousin), as well as Paul Crusemann, Margaret’s husband.

Windsor Avenue was the first street, originally appearing in the 1895 City Directory. Enfield appeared as a road in the 1916 City Directory, but no houses had yet been built. Because Enfield Rd. lies on the gentlest of the slopes down to Shoal Creek, connecting with West 12th St up the terraces of the Shoal Creek valley into the city (adjacent to the Capitol), this Enfield-W.12th St route may have originally been a animal trail, then a Native American foot path, later a horse trail, then a horse-and-buggy road. Finally Enfield Rd. became the entrance street from downtown into Austin’s first automobile subdivision.

Inspection & Report

At Starr, we understand that a timely, detailed report based on facts is important when choosing corrective measures.  As part of our commitment, within 24 hours of your evaluation, we will provide you with the video recording and a detailed report. The recording will include date, time stamp, and linear footage to any compromises.  The report will be clear, concise, and understandable.

To make a decision on corrective action, the report will include a diagram of your home with clear illustrations of your drain line locations, as well as any compromises.  The detailed report will also include recommended corrective measures if needed. If repairs are required, an estimate will also be included in the report.  We work hard to make sure that our customers are happy. When working with us, you should expect a quality product, professional service, and frequent communication.

sewer replacement austin
sewer replacement austin

Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Enfield

If your drains are slow moving or not moving at all, we would be happy to come out quickly, diagnose your problem, and get your system up and running as it should.  Slow moving or clogged drains might be frustrating, you’ll be happy to learn that they are common and often easy to fix through sewer and drain cleaning.  Cleaning is most often performed by hydro jetting or “snaking” the line.  Hydro jetting is essentially power washing the interior of your lines. Hydro jetting will clear the most common causes of slow moving or clogged drains.  At Starr, we have the expertise and specialized high-tech equipment needed to address a full range of sewer and drain cleaning problems. Through the use of hydro jetting, we will break up the sludge and debris, pulverize roots, cut through and flush hardened scale, and emulsify grease. If you are experiencing clogged drains, sewer and drain cleaning is likely your best option.

Sewer and Drain Repair in Enfield

If your drain line has been identified as damaged, broken and or “bellied”, sewer and drain cleaning is not an option.  The most likely solution is to perform sewer and drain repair. Most compromised lines can be resolved by “spot repair”. Sewer and drain repair starts by excavating with handheld equipment. This may include tunneling if the damaged lines are beneath your foundation. The trenches and tunnels created by the excavation allows our plumbers access to perform repairs. Our goal when performing sewer and drain repair is to produce a quality product in a timely manner to minimize disruption to your drain system.

sewer replacement austin
sewer replacement austin

Sewer and Drain Replacement in Enfield

As an alternative to spot repair, full sewer and drain replacement may be a more cost-effective solution in the long run. Reoccurring sewer and drain repairs can become costly and the risk of sewer backup and flooding the interior of your homes is also a costly risk to consider.

There are two primary reasons for complete sewer and drain line replacement.  Firstly, homes built 50 or more years ago likely have a wastewater system built with cast iron pipe. Cast-iron pipes oxidize and “flake” layer by layer eventually losing its integrity. Additionally, the regular flow of water along a narrow strip at the bottom of the pipe also contributes to the degradation of the line. The popular use of chemical drain cleaners in the 1970s & 1980s accelerated the degradation and is also considered a contributor to failing cast iron pipes.  It is generally accepted within the plumbing industry that cast iron lines have a life expectancy of about 50-60 years. This range will vary depending on pipe size, usage and volume of chemical drain cleaners and detergents used in the past.

The second cause is the highly expansive soils found in Central Texas. The seasonal cycle of wet weather and dry weather causes soils to heave and contract annually. Additionally, the cycle of El Nino and El Nina also contributes to the heaving and contracting of soil in a 5-to-7-year cycle.  Soils expanding and contracting with weather conditions cause wastewater lines to shift.

We understand the need to work quickly for you and your family. Our goal is to get your utilities up and running again. Starr is committed to more than fixing your plumbing needs!

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